How to remove/ban people from your space

Here's how to remove someone from your Wonder space:

  • Hover over a person's avatar

  • Click the 🚫 button and confirm (see screenshot)

If you want to let someone back into Wonder:

  • Go to Team Members list (button with the people icon in the bottom left corner of your screen)

  • Go from the Everyone to the Removed view

  • Click on Allow for the people you want to allow back into the space


  • This feature is currently not bullet-proof. When you remove someone from the space, they cannot re-enter that space with the same browser unless they remove their Wonder related cookies in their browser. Alternatively, they could re-enter by opening an incognito window or using a different browser.

  • We are working on more advanced authentication that will allow you to remove users and make it impossible for them to come back (expected Q3 2022)

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