In contrast to video conferencing platforms, Wonder is not only a place to meet your colleagues but also to post and share content. But first of all what does it mean to add content to a Wonder space?

  • When we say content, what we really mean is links to content. You don't actually upload a file, you simply add a link to the content you want to share. Some of the most commonly linked content are Miro boards, Figma files, Google Sheets/Docs, Notion pages, YouTube videos.

  • Content appears as an icon with a name in the space (very similar to how files look on your desktop on your computer).

  • Content opens directly in the space. When you click on a piece of content - say a Miro board - it's normally opened as an iFrame inside of the Wonder space. It does not open another tab. Some websites do not allow for such iFraming (e.g. Notion), in those cases, they are opened in another tab.

  • Anyone can add, edit and remove content.

How to use collaboration content

Here's how to add content to the space:

  • Click the Collab Tools button (the puzzle icon in the lower left corner of your screen)

  • Click Create Content

  • Enter a name (this will appear below the icon) & link to the content you want to add

  • To open content, simply click on the content you want to open and click Open

How to edit, move or delete content:

  • Click on the desired content in the space

  • To edit it, click Edit and make the desired changes

  • To move it, click Move and drag it to where you want

  • To delete it, click Delete and confirm

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