Ah stickies... you probably know them from your last in person workshop. Well, they can't miss in your virtual office either. Stickies are a great way to tell your colleagues something or draw their attention to something in the space.

How to use Sticky Notes

Here's how to add a sticky note to the space:

  • Click the Collaboration button (the puzzle icon in the lower left corner of your screen)

  • Click Create Sticky Note

  • Enter the text & pick a colour

  • Click Create

  • Drag it to where you want in the space

How to edit, move or delete a sticky note:

  • Click on the desired sticky note

  • Click on the 3 dots that appear in the top right corner of the sticky note

  • To move it

    • Click Move and drag it to where you want

  • To edit, click Edit

  • To delete, click Delete

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