We've already discussed how you can use Wonder for your regular meetings and workshops. But where Wonder Wonder really shines is unscheduled conversations.

What are spontaneous conversations?

In the work context, we distinguish between scheduled meetings and unscheduled/spontaneous conversations. The former are typically at least 15 minutes, they must be prepared, there's often an agenda and they are in your calendar. In contrast, spontaneous conversations are those that are not planned. If you are in an office with your colleagues, you just start talking to them. It's the more natural way to communicate with one another.

Why should I have more spontaneous conversations?

When you go remote, there's a tendency for all communication to be planned and transactional. In other words, you only interact with your colleagues when it's planned. You need an agenda. The friction is high.

Back in the old office days, most communication happened naturally outside of scheduled meetings. You simply start talking to the people around you. No need to set up a meeting for everything.

In our experience, teams that have a healthy balance of planned & organized meetings AND more natural spontaneous interactions achieve the most effective collaboration.

How to have spontaneous conversations in Wonder?

So how do we tackle this in Wonder? In a Wonder space, you see your colleagues around you and unless they are in the "Do Not Disturb" mode, you can simply walk over to them and start talking to them. Want to share an idea? Have a question? Wanna shoot the shit? Just go over and talk to the person you need to talk with.

Note: In the current version of Wonder, you can only reach out to the people that are in the space, so we recommend team members stay in their Wonder space for some time and be available to their colleagues.

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