Wonder is at its core a video conferencing tool and is the perfect place for your team to do their regular meetings.

Why to move your meetings to Wonder

In contrast to Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and other platforms, you don't need to create a new meeting link every time you have a meeting. Why? Because in Wonder, multiple meetings can take place at the same time. So, you just need one space.

But there are more good reasons why Wonder is the best place for your regular meetings:

  • Meetings in Wonder are highly flexible and dynamic. For instance, you can easily split into different groups and come back together. You can debrief with people individually afterward, etc.

  • You see what's going on. When you're in your team's Wonder space, you can see who else is having conversations, which gives you valuable context about your team. (it also makes you feel connected seeing your colleagues around you talk to one another)

  • The more time you spend in your team's Wonder space, the more likely you are to spot interesting collaboration content that your team members place in the space.

How to move your meetings to Wonder

When you have a meeting, you simply enter your Wonder space via the unique space URL (which you should have bookmarked!) and find the person/people you have a meeting with. That's it.

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