What is ultra working?

Ultra working is when you work on a task during a pre determined time (usually an hour) and another person, your accountability partner, does the same. Typically you meet, decide on what each one is going to work on, stay in the same room so that you don’t get away with being distracted and after the time is up you debrief

Why should I ultra work?

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and we procrastinate. Especially when we’re at home, many of us lose motivation and are tempter by the couch or fridge. Ultra working is the answer. You get more work done and in the process learn what your colleagues are working on.

How do I ultra work in Wonder?

Wonder lends itself perfectly for Ultra Working. You can create an area “Ultra Working” and go in there with your partner. Share what you’re going to work on. Set the timer. Turn your mic off and and keep your camera on. After the time is up, turn on the mic and debrief.

To learn more about ultraworking, visit https://www.ultraworking.com/

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