What is co-working?

Co-working is what you do when you're working with other people in the same room where everyone works on their own tasks... like you probably used to when you were working in an office. It also allows you to communicate casually with one another. For instance, you read something funny on the internet or remember a cool story from the week and you want to share it right away

Why should I co-work?

Co-working gives you the feeling of being part of a team and of striving towards the same goal. And it allows you to socialize with your colleagues in a way that feels less forced than a scheduled coffee chat or speed meeting session.

Especially if you're working from home or have few social interactions, virtual co-working is a great way to improve your team's culture and create more bonding moments.

How to co-work in Wonder?

There's a very easy way to do this in Wonder and it's part of the default space setup when you create a Wonder space: a co-working area. Whenever you want to co-work with someone, go to the co-working area. You can keep your microphone on or off. We like to keep it on as long as the noises don't bother you.

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