A few things you should know upfront:

  • Our pricing applies only to spaces created after the 23. May 2022, old spaces remain free.

  • NGOs and education institutions may request special rates by reaching out to us through info@wonder.me.

  • In this article and the website, we only show prices in US-Dollars. Actual prices depend on your local currency and can vary slightly from the exact current exchange rate to USD prices. You'll find the exact price you’ll pay in your local currency on the pricing page within your Wonder space.

Pricing plans

The plan you choose applies to the space and all its users. It’s not possible to have different users on different plans. For example, if one user of the team exceeds the usage limit of the Lite plan, all users have to be upgraded to the Pro plan.




2 USD per user per month

9 USD per user per month

custom pricing

5 hours per user per week

unlimited usage

custom usage

custom user limit

custom user limit

custom user limit

all features

all features

all features

Let's dig into the meaning of those terms:

  • User: A user is a person who is active in the space. This can either be a regular team member or a visitor who just drops in for a meeting. By setting the user limit in your pricing plan, you decide how many people (team members and visitors) can actively use the space at the same time. Tip: If you have 30 team members, you might want to account for a few visitors that might be active in the space at the same time as (all) your team members.

  • 5 hours per user per week: In the Lite plan, usage is restricted to 5 hours per user per week. Users can utilize these 5 hours whenever they want e.g. use Wonder for 5 hours on one specific day every week or 1 hour per workday per week.

  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is designed to cater to the special needs of large enterprise customers, i.e. specific security/privacy needs or pricing plan needs. Typical enterprise requests are:

    • Discounts for large numbers of users (>100 users).

    • Single sign-on (SSO)

    • Processing of organization-specific security/privacy questionnaires or dedicated security audits

    • Come talk to us to find out more about what we offer

Some use cases:

  • Virtual office: Teams who don't want any limitations to their collaboration and team culture and therefore hold all their scheduled and spontaneous meetings, as well as team celebrations on Wonder, choose the Pro plan. Those teams won't need any other video conferencing software anymore and save on subscription costs.

  • Specific meetings such as daily standups, coffee breaks, team events, or all-hands: Teams that want to get a taste of effective collaboration during specific sessions, choose the Lite plan.

  • Events: Event organizers typically go for the Lite Plan. If your event takes more than 5 hours per user, please contact us at info@wonder.me.

14-day trial

Enjoy Wonder without any limitations in the first 14 days after creating your space. Let your team experience effective collaboration and reach new creative heights.

We want you to be able to make the most of that time so if you’re ever feeling stuck don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@wonder.me. There, our Wonder specialists can help you design the space and create workflows that fit the needs of your team.


Your plan may be upgraded in 2 ways:

  1. You need to add more users to your space.

  2. Your users need a higher usage limit, which results in upgrading your plan from Lite to Pro.

If you go beyond your plan limits, don’t panic, we know that meetings can sometimes run long. We’ll keep you on your current plan until the third time you exceed either limit, then we’ll automatically upgrade you to the next tier so your experience remains seamless and your team is never blocked.


If you would like to downsize your plan, please inform us about the new user limit or plan that you desire for your space. We are happy to accommodate you. E-Mail: info@wonder.me

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