👏 TL;DR - New Pricing:

  • Free 14-day trial with unlimited usage for all users.

  • LITE seats are free and come with up to 5 hours of video calls per user per month. A space can have an unlimited number* of LITE seats.

  • If a user has more than 5 hours of video calls per month, this user needs a PRO seat.

  • PRO seats cost 9 USD per month and come with unlimited video calls. You don’t have to assign seats to users. E.g. if you have 30 PRO seats, up to 30 users per month can use Wonder unlimited.

  • Wonder for Events™️ (i.e. one-off sessions) is free.

  • Rollout: From Tuesday 14th of November onwards, the new pricing plans will be rolled out to all users of Wonder.


When you create a space you start your journey on a 14 days trial that gives all users unlimited capacity for free. After the trial, every user in the space who needs more than 5 hours of video calls per month will require a PRO seat. Everyone else stays on the free LITE seat.

PRO seats provide users with unlimited video call hours, cost 9 USD per month, are connected to a space, and are fully transferrable between users of that space.

💡 Let's go through an example:

A remote-first creative agency with 40 employees using Wonder as a virtual office for their day-to-day collaboration and communication will get:

  • 40 seats so that all the employees can enjoy unlimited conversations with each other.

  • welcome any amount of visitors such as clients, candidates, or freelancers to join meetings free of charge (as long as they stay below 5 hours per month).

Every new user joining your space is by default on a LITE seat. If they use the space for more than 5 hours of video calls per month and there is no PRO seat available anymore, we will upgrade your plan by adding one seat.





9 USD p. user p. month

custom pricing

5 hours video calls p. user p. month

unlimited usage

custom usage

all features

all features

all features

ℹ️ Soon we will have a dashboard showing how many PRO seats you have purchased. In the meantime, the invoice sent to you upon purchase of the PRO plan will show you this number.

ℹ️ LITE and PRO seats are completely disconnected from user roles in the user management dashboard. User roles are about permissions on what a user can do in the space, seats are the billing status of a user based on how many video call hours they use.

What if I have multiple spaces?

You have to sign up for a pricing plan for each individual space, they are not connected. So are seats and video call limits. E.g. if you buy 50 seats for space 1, they don’t count for space 2. If this causes problems for you, please reach out.

Upgrades, downgrades & cancellations

If you would like to make a change to your plan, please reach out to us. We are happy to take of that for you.


Please reach out to us to discuss special needs in terms of pricing or usage when you plan to have more than 50 PRO seats.

Wonder for Events

With a limit of 5 hours of video calls per user per month, most one-off or even multi-day events can be held on Wonder free of charge. If your event visitors need more than that, please reach out to us so that we can find a solution for you.

ℹ️ It may be that you or some of your team members will spend more than 5 hours on video calls per month in preparation for the event. For those few users, you will need to purchase PRO seats.

*Fair Use Policy

A fair use limit of 1,000 users across all spaces per organization per month applies. If your organization plans to go beyond that, please reach out.


Users who have been on an old pricing plan can choose to move to the new pricing model by reaching out to us.


In this article and the website, we only show prices in US-Dollars. Actual prices depend on your local currency and can vary slightly from the exact current exchange rate to USD prices. You'll find the exact price you’ll pay in your local currency on the pricing page in your Wonder space. Currently, we support USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, BRL, SEK, and JP¥. All other regions may pay in USD.

Wonder for Education & NPOs

Education institutions such as universities and schools as well as not-for-profit organizations can use Wonder for free. Other organizations that might not be able to pay for Wonder may request access to a free plan as well. Please reach out to us so that we can share access to a free plan with you.

❓Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions, feedback, or thoughts about the pricing! 💬

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