In Wonder, you can add important contact information to your profile for others to save.

Networking? Exchanging info? Ways to get in contact with those you meet on Wonder? No problemo! Share a few words, a number, a website, anything you'd like.

Setting Contact Information

Just go into your Profile and type in the information you'd like others to see.

To see what contact info someone has left, just hover over their Avatar. You can also then click on the "Save contact" icon to...drumroll please 🥁 save their contact!

Saved Contacts

After saving someone's contact information, just go to the sidebar to the right of the screen, click the Saved Contacts icon and you'll see a list of all those you saved; the links will also become hyper!

You can also export the contacts 🤯 Just click Export contacts at the bottom.

Disabling Contacts

You'd like to turn off this feature? Sure thing! Simply go into the Space Editor.

That's it! Easy as 123, and simple as do, re, mi 🎶

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