Host large and engaging conferences using Socio's all-in-one event platform, powered by Wonder's energizing virtual networking Space

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⚠️ For a seamless integration, make sure you've already created your Socio account!

How to create your Networking Space in Socio

Integrate Wonder with Socio's "Live Stream" feature.

(FYI: you can also use their Weblink function, but we’ve checked it out and found that the Live Stream feature provides the best experience)

Follow our step-by-step guide:

1. Start by creating an Event

2. In the sidebar, choose “Edit Event’ to customize the virtual venue

3. Click on "Add Feature" to embed Wonder

4. Select "Live Stream" by clicking on the "Add" button

Embed your Wonder Space URL

5. Start Editing the Live Stream feature

6. Select “Other Live Stream”

7. Paste your Wonder Space URL in the field

8. Paste your iFrame code snippet by simply using this Template:

<iframe src="insert Space link here" width="100%" height="2000px" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" allow="camera;microphone;display-capture">

9. Untick "Open in external browser"

10. Save your changes

11. Continue customizing the Live Stream feature by clicking on the ⚙️ Settings

12. Name your Feature, e.g. "Wonder Networking Space"

13. Customize the icon with an emoji or a custom logo

⚠️ The icon will appear on the sidebar, so make sure it’s clear for attendees which room the icon stands for.

14. The "Visible To" Section allows you to make your Wonder space available only to certain groups, if desired, such as the "test" group to preview your networking space.

15. Save your changes.

Test your Wonder Space

Before going live, test your Wonder integration. Here’s a guide for testing any event.

You will have to create a hidden group, add a test user, and set the Live Stream feature to “Visible only to Tester Group”.

🎉🎉 You're all set!

Have fun hosting energizing networking sessions within Socio!

Learn more about Socio.

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