Host large and engaging conferences using MATE's all-in-one event platform, powered by Wonder's energizing virtual networking Space.

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⚠️ For a seamless integration, make sure you've already created your MATE account!

How to create your Networking Space in MATE for Events

To add Wonder into MATE use the "Webpage” feature within Mate's platform.

Follow our step-by-step guide:

1. Go to your event and click on “Webpages”

2. Click "Create Webpage"

3. Select "Virtual Event Platform" as a type of webpage

4. Leverage MATE's templates by selecting "MATE Virtual Event Platform 2.0" from the drop-down

5. Name your Webpage e.g. Wonder Networking Space.

⚠️ The icon will appear on the sidebar, so make sure it’s clear for attendees which room the icon stands for.

Embed your Wonder Space URL

6. Select "Web App" from the list

7. Name the App e.g. "Wonder Networking Space"

Test your Wonder Space

8. Test your Wonder integration by clicking "Display Preview"

You're all set!

Have fun hosting energizing networking sessions in MATE!

Learn more about MATE for Events

Check out MATE, their how-to's, use cases, and more in their awesome Help Center.

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