We are proud to present the new and improved version of your Wonder Space.

All the features you know and love, plus a few to try out:

What you need to know:

  • New Us, New Name: Enter the Wonder Space: with this new version, we're changing it up: Wonder Rooms will now be called Wonder Spaces.

  • Admin Settings are now the Space Editor: also a name change; simple as that!

  • 'Admin Access Link' has replaced the Admin Password. Need to invite others to admin? Simply share the Admin access link from the Space Editor to anyone who needs to be an admin of the Spacee. Admin privileges are no longer given by a password. Admin access is eternal, we will address this in the future.

  • Create Circle Topics. You can now label Circles to indicate a topic being discussed.

  • The Icebreaker Question can be changed during an event. If the Icebreaker Question is changed during an event, everyone will be asked to provide a new answer. This is great for on-the-fly organizing or networking sorting.

  • Static backgrounds: no matter your background of choice, it will adjust for all your team members, no matter their screen size!

  • Looking for an admin? We now have an admin indication badge that is displayed under the Avatar.

  • We added a slew of keyboard shortcuts. Hold spacebar to mute/unmute on the fly; just hover over the camera and mic in the toolbar to see them.

  • The audio and video quality of your conversations has been improved dramatically.

  • Click and hold to move your avatar, or drag and drop your Avatar.

  • Click on someone's Avatar or a Circle to transport to them; hold on tight!

  • The Circle size has been updated to 14.*

  • The capacity of the Space has been updated to 500.*

Want some more info on how to use Wonder?! Come check out one of our Guided Tours. 💫

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