What is Wonder?

Wonder is like a physical space, only virtual. In a Wonder Space, you can instantly connect with anyone by moving your Avatar to someone else's Avatar and a video chat will be opened; we call these Circles. Circles can have up to 14 people in them, but the Wonder Space can have up to 500!

There is no limit to how many Circles can be formed. Introduce seamless networking, connections, and magical moments into the digital world!

How can I open a Wonder Space?

Via our website, you can open your own Wonder Space instantly, with just a few clicks for free.

How can people join my Wonder Space?

Simply copy the Space link and share it. Anyone with the link can join the Space with one click–no registration or login required👈!

How many people fit into one Space?

As of now, there can be 500 people in a Wonder Space at once.

Can I password protect my Space?

Yes! The owner of a Space can set a password for entry.

Can I personalize my Space?

Absolutely! You can create Areas for people to congregate or meet, stylize your Space, and use it for many different cases.

Is there a 'chat' function?

Yes! Wonder has a chat system that can be used to communicate in many different ways.

Can I make an announcement as the admin?

The Broadcast mode allows you to communicate with everyone in the Space at once. 13 people can broadcast at once.

Is it possible to mute others?

Yes, just hover over someone's video, and at the top right you'll see "Mute." Only the muted person will be able to unmute.

What data do you store? Am I the "data product"?

Wonder doesn’t have access to any of your audio or video data. We briefly hold the data to transmit it but we do not store it, and it cannot be accessed by our employees. We also do not collect invasive levels of information.

All information on data and security can be found right here.

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