As an admin, you can add or delete areas: Areas allow you to structure your space and act as a location for your team members to meet and place content.

Areas have two modes

  1. Areas without Sessions: When a session is not happening, the areas simply serve as location markers inside of your Space. These Areas have no impact on the formation of circles or the accessibility of your team members. They act as really great conversation starters, helping you to find people to speak about specific topics. Think of them as a paper map; you can see the location of the building, but you can't see inside.

  2. Session activated Areas: When there is a Session going on in an area, any person that enters the Area will immediately begin communication with everyone else inside of that area; you'll be able to see and hear up to 50 people in that area!

In the screenshot below, you can see that the two top areas have sessions going on (hence the translucent colour and green circle) whereas the two at the bottom don't.

How to use areas

Here's how to create/remove/modify areas:

  • Click on the Menu button (icon with three lines in the bottom left corner)

  • Click Space Settings

  • Click Area Settings

  • Click Edit Areas

  • To add a new area

    • Click Add new Area

    • Enter a name

    • Click Apply

  • To change an area name

    • Simply change the name of the area you want to change

  • To remove an area:

    • Click the "X" to the right of the text field for the respective area (if you do not see the "X", you may have to scroll to the right)

  • To change the layout of the areas:

    • Simply drag and drop the areas in the space (they cannot overlap)

    • To have them automatically laid out, click on Automatic at the top

To activate a session inside an area, simply hover over the area and click "Start Session". To end it, hover over it again and click "Stop session".


  • A Space can have 15 areas total; the name for each area can be manually configured (as mentioned above).

  • If a circle exists in an area and a session then starts, the circle will be automatically moved outside the area in order to not disrupt the communication.

  • Alternatively, anyone inside of an Area when a Session starts - but not inside of a circle - will then automatically join the Session.

  • Areas can be added, removed, and have their name changed instantaneously at any time.

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