The Broadcast feature allows you to address every single person in the Space.

The Broadcast is best imagined as a virtual stage; all conversations and movement is completely paused, all cameras and mics are muted, and the Broadcaster appears in fullscreen.

Anyone with Admin Access to the Space can initiate or join an existing Broadcast. There can be up to 13 people broadcasting at once. Of course, share the magic by sharing your screen during a Broadcast.

Wonderful uses of the Broadcast Mode include:

  • A welcome message as people enter the Space

  • Presentations, panel discussions, Q&A's

  • Moderation for admins during the networking phase of an event

  • An educator giving instructions to the class

  • 🗣⁉️👯‍♂️👩‍🏫

How to use the broadcast mode

Here's how to start (and end) the broadcast mode:

  • Click the More Options button (icon with three dots in the bottom center of your screen)

  • Click Broadcast in the window that opens

  • Click Start Broadcast

  • There'll be a 10 second timer, seen by everyone in the space

  • Voilà, you're now broadcasting to everyone in the space. To end it, simply click the little End Broadcast button at the bottom center of your screen

An Admin can invite any team member in the Space to join an active Broadcast without sharing Admin Access. Here's how to add (and remove) participants to the broadcast mode:

  • Click the Team Members button (icon with people in the bottom left corner of your screen)

  • Hover over a person and click the Invite to broadcast button

  • The other person will now see a pop up window where they can decide to join the broadcast or decline the invitation

  • To remove someone from the broadcast, simply click the Remove from broadcast button in the team members list

Team members can also request to join Broadcast from their main controls in which the Admin of the room will be able to deny or grant. This use case is best imagined as a Q&A, or "Pass the Mic" function. Here's how to request to join the broadcast mode:

  • Click the More Options button (icon with three dots in the bottom center of your screen)

  • Click Request to join Broadcast

  • Admins will be notified whenever someone requests to join the Broadcast

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