The essentials

  • Click and hold to move or drag and drop your avatar to move around

  • When close to another Avatar, let go, and you'll form a Circle. (Same exact thing to join a pre-existing Circle 😉).

  • Circles can have up to 14 participants.

  • One person can share their screen at a time in a circle: it's in the center toolbar; you can also toggle on and off your camera and mic, as well as lock the circle 🤯

  • To see all of the people in a circle, just click on anyone's video to go to Fullscreen-Mode. Click a video again to go into Space-Mode (you can also click the two arrows in the toolbar as well).

The extras

  • You can change your name, Avatar photo, icebreaker response, and audio/video input sources any time you like by going to the Profile icon in the sidebar to the right. (pro tip: you can also change your audio/video input sources using the mic and camera icon in the center toolbar 🧙‍♂️).

  • Right underneath it, you can send different types of chat messages to either everyone in the Space, your circle, or an individual.

✨There you have it; happy Wonder-ing! 🪄

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