The Icebreaker is a question asked to all people who enter a Wonder Space. The answers to the Icebreaker are seen when you hover over a person's Avatar with your cursor.

The Icebreaker question feature is a great for:

  • team members to share something more personal about themselves

  • event guests to say what they're interested in

  • workshop participants to say what they expect from a workshop

  • ...

How to set an icebreaker question

Here's how to set an icebreaker question:

  • Click on the Menu button (icon with three lines in the bottom left corner)

  • Click Fun Stuff

  • Click Icebreaker

  • Toggle the Icebreaker question button

  • Enter an icebreaker question of your own or look for one in the gallery


  • Keep in mind that when you set an icebreaker question, anyone who enters the space must answer it (you may or may not want externals to have to answer it when they enter your space)

  • When you change the ice-breaker question, everyone in the space will immediately be prompted to update theirs

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