The Icebreaker is a question that people can answer. The answers to the Icebreaker are seen when you hover over a person's Avatar with your cursor.

The Icebreaker question feature is a great for:

  • team members to share something more personal about themselves

  • event guests to say what they're interested in

  • workshop participants to say what they expect from a workshop

  • ...

How to set an icebreaker question

Here's how to set an icebreaker question:

  • Click on the Menu button (icon with three lines in the bottom left corner)

  • Click Fun Stuff

  • Click Icebreaker

  • Toggle the Icebreaker question button

  • Enter an icebreaker question of your own or look for one in the gallery


  • Keep in mind that when you set an icebreaker question, people will need to go to their profile (Menu > Account Settings > My Profile)

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