🧊🔨 Nobody needs to be asked, “So, come here often…❓”

Let guests share something about themselves when they first enter your Space, via the Icebreaker question. Other guests will see the answer when they hover over someone’s Avatar in a Space.

To set an icebreaker question:

  • Click the Space Editor and select 'Icebreaker'

  • Enable Icebreaker

  • Write your question

✨PROTIP: Changing your Icebreaker during an event will prompt your guests to answer the new Icebreaker question. Keep the networking rolling!✨

Here are a few ideas: ☃️ 🔨

  • What company do you work for?

  • What’s your New Year’s resolution?

  • What’s your star sign?

  • What’s your favorite band and why isn't it Black Sabbath? 🎸

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