Without a password, anyone can access your Wonder space if they have the space link. With the Space password, you can keep non-admins from entering your space unless they know the password.

How to set a password for your space

Here's how to set a password for your space:

  • Click on the Menu button (icon with three lines in the bottom left corner)

  • Click Security

  • Click Space Password

  • Toggle the Private Space button

  • Enter a password

  • Click the Save button


  • Passwords are global, which means one master password will be used by everyone; you might even say one password to rule them all 💍

  • With an admin link, you can enter the space without the password

  • If you enter the space as an admin in the past, you can enter the space in the future as an admin without entering the space password (only non-admins need to enter the password when you password-protect your space)

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