Wonder is currently free to use ✨ 💰🌈

What does that mean? This means that we don't have any costs or fees to use any of our fantastic features and services. That's right! That means that there is nothing stopping you from creating a Space and creating Agendas, Sessions, or fully customising your Space. It's absolutely and completely 100% free!

What are you waiting for? Sign up here!

But surely that means that you are paying with your data... right? Wrong! We don't thrive on your data or try to use any sneaky methods to obtain it. You can learn more about security and privacy here.

Pricing 👀

But, you might be worried about the future and what this will look like once we release pricing. Eventually, we will implement a usage-based pricing model (most likely mid-2022) however.

In the meanwhile? Happy Wonder-ing!

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