In Wonder, the hierarchy is as follows:

Space ➡️ Areas ➡️ Circle

  • How many people can be in a Wonder space, you wonder? 500 people (or users) can be in the space at the same time.

  • A Space can have 15 Areas and they have two functionalities:

    • Session activated Areas: When there is a Session going on in an Area, any person that enters the Area will immediately begin communication with everyone else inside of that Area; you'll be able to see and hear up to 50 people in that Area!

    • Areas without Sessions: When a session is not happening, the Areas simply serve as location markers inside of your Space.

    • Here's a more detailed description on our Areas!

  • A Circle is a conversation (between two or more people). Circles can hold up to 14 people; when the Circle is full, anyone who wants to join has to wait until someone leaves so that they can get in. A Circle will open anywhere in the Space; just get close to another Avatar!

Tip: As an admin, you can also address the whole Space: the Broadcast Mode pauses all conversations and lets an admin speak to all the team members at once.

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