You've got your space, now it's time to invite the rest of your team.

And this could not be easier.

Simply share the space link with the people you want to join you in the space.

Where do you find the space link? Good question - there are multiple ways:

  1. When you're in your space, you can find the space link in your browser's URL bar.

  2. When you're in your space, you can click on the "Team Members" icon at the bottom left corner and then click on "Invite Team Members". There'll be a pop-up window with the space link and the option to either copy-paste it or directly send an email with the link included to the person you want to invite.

  3. When you signed up for a space, you got an email from Wonder with the subject line "Verify your email and get your Wonder Space link". There you'll find it as well.

*If you want to invite someone who's not on your team to your Wonder space (e.g. someone from another team, an external partner, or client), you can do it in exactly the same way.

**If you want to give a team member admin access, you'll have to send them the admin access link. You'll find it in the email you got when you signed up for Wonder (see step 2 above)

From your team members' perspective, they simply go through 3 steps:

  1. Click the space link

  2. Verify camera/mic access

  3. Enter name & take an Avatar photo

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