When you enter your space for the very first time, you'll notice there's quite a bit going on (see screenshot).

We set up the default space like that to 1) provide you with more info and 2) give you some inspiration about you can use Wonder in your team.

You can decide to keep it like that, tweak it a little bit, or change it completely. There is no limit to your creativity.

Here's what you can change about your space:

  • Areas

  • Collaboration Content

  • Background

  • Ice- Breaker Question

  • Space name & Description

Add Areas ◼️

In the default space setup you have the following areas: Product team, Marketing team, Show your work, and Co-working.

But you can adjust it to your needs. We found the following to work well:

  • Team-related areas. If you have multiple teams, you can create an area for each of them to meet and place relevant content

  • A team area: Here you can hold your all-hands meetings and place content that is relevant to the entire team.

  • Co-working area: Here you can co-work with your colleagues.

  • Show your work: Here people can share their work with the rest of the team (for instance a new website design)

If you find other uses for areas, let us know via email at info@wonder.me

Collaboration Content 🛠

Wonder allows you to place links (collaboration content) inside the space that are visible to everyone else on your team.

You might have some content or material that is always relevant, so you can add it now.

This may be a Miro board with your strategic goals and OKRs, a Google Slides presentation with the slides to your weekly company all-hands, or something else.

Most of the collaboration content will likely be added and removed by individual team members as time goes on, so don't worry about adding too much at this point.

Change the background 🌅

You can use one of our sample backgrounds or upload one of your own! The background is one of the first things your team members will see, so make it pop!

Add an icebreaker question ❄️🔨

Your team members deserve better than, “So, come here often…?”

You can give them a conversational head start by setting an icebreaker question: team members will be asked the icebreaker question before entering the Space, and their answers will be visible when other team members hover their cursors over their avatar.

Need some help? Here are some ideas:

  • What company do you work for?

  • What's one thing you'd like to accomplish today?

  • What’s your favorite band and why isn't it Black Sabbath?

Change the space name and description ❝

You can change your space name and give it a description.

Our space is simply called "Wonder Team Office" and for the sake of transparency, we currently don't have a description.

But it's a popular feature among event organisers where a description helps to provide info to guests.

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