✨ There are a few things you can do as a host to make your Space sparkle ✨

All of the Space customization and host settings can be found here:

Invite people to your Space 👯‍♂️

Anyone who has your Space link can join–so start sharing it with your buddies! Your unique Space link can be found in the URL search bar in your browser, or copied here:

☝️ Wonder Pro Tip: Bookmark your Space link for the next time you want to share it!

Protect your Space with a password

You can protect your Space with a Guest Password. Make sure you share this with anyone you’ve invited to the Space so they, and only they, have access.

You can change the guest password at any time.

Change the background

You can use one of our sample backgrounds or upload one of your own! The background is one of the first things your guests will see, so make it pop!

Add Areas

Areas are meeting locations you can create in your Space.

Areas appear as white squares and allow your guests to navigate a Space and move to topics that they find most relevant or interesting.

They can also be designated with uses including:

  • Topics of interest where guests can gather and discuss after a presentation.

  • Digital booths for presenters.

  • Breakout groups for workshops or classrooms.

Wonder currently supports up to 14 Areas in one Space.

Add an icebreaker question ☃️🔨

Your guests deserve better than, “So, come here often…?” You can give them a conversational head start by setting an icebreaker question: guests will be asked the icebreaker question before entering the Space, and their answers will be visible when other guests hover their cursors over their avatar.

Need some help? Here are some ideas:

  • What company do you work for?

  • What's one thing you'd like to accomplish today?

  • What’s your favorite band and why isn't it Black Sabbath?

Update the Space name

You can change your Space name anytime you want. Go to the Space Editor to switch up the name to match your mood, event type, or guest list. The options are limitless!

That's it! You’re set and sparkling! 🙂

Coming up next: Step 3: Invite People to Your Space 🚀

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