Did you know? You can open as many Rooms as you'd like! 🤩

You can find a complete list of all your Rooms via the ‘Your Rooms’ tab on our homepage:

From there you can see all the rooms, in which you've entered the host password. You can also easily:

  1. Join your room.

  2. Copy the room link/URL to your clipboard.

  3. Create a new room instantly.

FYI: Your Rooms will only appear here in the browser you used to open the room. For example, if you enter a room on Chrome, it will be displayed here. If you then go to this page on Edge, the room will not be displayed until you enter it on Edge.

Oops! If you’ve lost your Room URL, just message us with the email you used to open the Room and we can send it to you. You can hit the chat button at the bottom-right of the screen.

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