If you’re into big events like we are, you’re probably missing the energizing hustle and bustle of conventions and networking events–but Wonder can get you as close as possible.

Before the event:

First, get to know the different functions of Wonder to recreate the atmosphere of a busy convention hall or career fair. Here are some guides to help you:

Next, create your event hall by following these steps:

  • Set up your Areas. Give your presenters, booths, or clients a space of their own.

  • FYI: The Wonder room hosts up to 15 areas at once–if you have more than 15, you can rotate the areas in real time as explained in the video above.

  • If you have co-facilitators, share the host password with them.

  • If you need to add multiple areas during an event, have your list of names for the areas handy.

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