Leading a workshop or running remote classrooms are easy with Wonder. Both environments rely on two fundamentals:

  • Delivering information to your participants.

  • Creating a space for discussion and/or collaboration.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your Wonder classroom:

Step 1: Setting up

By creating Areas, set up congregation spaces for your participants. Here’s an example of a digital classroom:

1 on 1 Teacher: Reserved for one on one meetings with students. (Note: Circles can be locked for privacy.)

Student Lounge: Where students can congregate and chit chat.

Breakout groups: Reserved for groups to have discussions as part of the session.

Step 2: Addressing participants

Just like in an IRL classroom, a host can address the entire room by using the Broadcast function. A teacher could use this for a lecture or presentation; alternatively, a workshop leader could use the broadcast to deliver information, then assign everyone to their breakout Areas.

Protip: Up to 6 people can broadcast at once! You can use this feature to allow guests to share their projects or results. Just share the host password.

Protip 2: Sharing the host password will also make these people hosts.

Step 3: Repeat!

Your room will never close, so your participants will always know where to go for future workshops.

Bonus: Your room isn’t just for training! It can be reconfigured to use in any way you’d like. Interested in other ways to use the room? Here are some ideas!

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