There are four different ways to either create or join Circles:

  1. Create. Click and hold anywhere in the Wonder Room, and your avatar will move to wherever you clicked. Move close to another avatar, let go, and voilà–a Circle will open. You can see this in action here.

  2. Join. Follow the same steps as above to enter a pre-existing Circle; you will automatically join the conversation. FYI: The max capacity of a Circle is 15 people–if the Room is full, you’ll be asked to wait.

Invite. Hover over the avatar of a person you want to invite, and click 'Invite to Circle.' They will then see an invitation next to the Chat icon saying, 'Let’s chat!' When they accept the invitation, they’ll join your Circle.

4. Break out. When you’re already in a Circle with someone, you can invite them to a new Circle. Hover over their avatar and click 'Invite to Circle'; they’ll see the invitation next to the Chat icon saying, 'Let’s break out!' When they accept the invitation, a new Circle will form outside of the pre-existing Circle.

Ta-da! The Circle is complete! 🦄

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