🧊🔨 Nobody needs to be asked, “So, come here often…?”

Let guests share something about themselves when they first enter your Room, via an icebreaker question. Other guests will see the answer when they hover over someone’s avatar in a Room.

You can use one of our sweet sample questions, or go bananas: write one of your own!

To set an icebreaker question:

  • Click Host Settings and select 'Icebreaker Question’

  • Via the drop-down menu, select a question.

  • Select ‘Custom’ to create your own.

Here are a few ideas: ☃️ 🔨

  • What company do you work for?

  • What’s your New Year’s resolution?

  • What’s your star sign?

  • What’s your favorite band and why isn't it Black Sabbath?

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