To change the Wonder room background:

  • Click the host settings and select "Room Background"

  • To set one of the custom backgrounds: please either double-click on the image OR click it once and then press Confirm. After uploading a custom background, please press Save background.

You can use one of our 40 sample backgrounds for your room or upload your own.

2600px x 1400px are the ideal dimensions. JPEG is the most ideal format but we also support PNG and SVG. Keep the background smaller than 3MB for best performance.

Pro Tip: Make sure your background makes sense; white background with white areas will appearing confusing. Always remember, calm colors mean calm guests.

Please note: if you decide to upload a custom background, the image may appear differently to your users, depending on the size of their screens. So we do not recommend including design elements that mark different areas in the room within the background. Please use our areas feature for that purpose instead.

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