A Wonder room hosts areas and circles!

  • Rooms are the things you open than host as virtual space. They can host up to 1500 people in one room!

  • A room can have 15 areas that serve as congregation spaces. There is no limit to how many people or circles can be in an area.

  • A conversation is referred to as a circle. Each conversation circle can host 15 people. As soon as this max is reached any user who wants to join is informed about the max and not allowed in. Just like in offline events most circles stay much smaller than 15 users since guests appreciate more intimate conversations.

The room adjusts to the number of guests within it. A room with roughly 30 people will be the size of a standard 13-inch laptop screen while a room with 500 people will be larger. 🎩

But no worries, your guests won't get lost. They can simply zoom out to get an overview of the room. This way they can see all the room areas and get a feeling of the general dynamic in different corners of the room. To see who is around them and to walk around, they zoom back in.

All in all, this means there is no limitation to how many guests you can invite to your room. The more, the merrier!

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