When you first join a Wonder Space your browser will automatically request access to your mic and camera. Once accepted, you are good to go 👍🏼.

If you need to edit access, or you accidentally denied Wonder access, select the padlock in your browser search bar and manually edit the permissions:

Other things to consider:

  • Make sure Wonder is the only conference/communication tool you have open (Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google Hangout, etc).

  • Make sure your camera or microphone isn’t in use by another application or website.

If Your Screen Sharing Does Not Work:

In most cases, the screen sharing function is blocked by your browser.

This can easily be fixed via your browser settings (found near your search bar, as seen here).

It might also be that your operating system (macOS or Windows) has removed permission for your browser to access screen sharing mode. To change this, you have to open system preferences and allow the browser you’re using to access screen sharing as seen here:

In rare cases, some browsers are set to automatically block all attempts to access the microphone/camera OR automatically block video/audio from playing automatically. Here are the steps to disable this:

And don't forget a refresh! 🪄

Tip: If you’re in a hurry, you can also just switch browsers.

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