Rooms are created instantly! It is magic. 🧙‍♂️🔮

Follow these steps and you will open your room with the flick of your wand: 🪄

  1. Go to our website and click "Get a room." You cannot miss it.

  2. Name your room

  3. Choose one of the options on how you will be using your room (we ask this so we develop the best features for you)!

  4. Type in your name, email address, and password (this your host password)

  5. Your room is now ready. Click "Join room" to enter.

  6. Enjoy the Wonderful World of Wonder!

Be sure to save the room link/URL as well as the password you have entered; this is your host password, which gives you access to all of the room's features.

Verifying your room

After creating your room, will be sent a verification email. Be sure to click this link. If you did not receive the email, click on the "Resend verification email" button in your room. If you still did not get the email, check your spam or sorted email. STILL didn’t get it? Email us. After verifying your room, we'll send you your room link/URL!

*Tip: if you did not save your room link/URL, you can always go back to the email we sent you.

Want more magic🧙? Your room will never close or expire. It will stay open indefinitely.

⭐✨Let's make your room sparkle; click here for Step 2: How to Customize Your Room.⭐✨

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