In Wonder, the hierarchy of space is as follows:

Room ➡️ Areas ➡️ Circle

  • A Wonder Room is the virtual space you opened. It belongs to you and can hold up to 1500 people.

  • A Room can have 15 Areas that serve as the spaces where people can get together inside a Room. There is no limit to how many people or Circles can be in an area.

  • A Circle is a conversation (between two or more people) that takes place inside an Area. Circles can hold up to 15 people; when the Circle is full, anyone who wants to join has to wait until someone leaves so that they can get in.

  • Just like in offline events, most Circles stay much smaller than 15 users anyway, since guests appreciate more intimate conversations.

Tip: As a host, you can also address the whole room: Broadcast mode pauses all conversations and lets you speak to all the guests at once.

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