How does wonder work?

Wonder is like a physical space, but virtual. Every person is represented by a small avatar. By clicking, holding, and letting go of your mouse around this virtual space you will move around the room. When your avatar gets close to someone else’s avatar, you'll see the person's video. More people nearby? The video chat includes more members.

You can see other people move around the room and when they are talking to each other. You cannot hear or see their conversation unless you join their group, which we refer to as a circle.

How do I move around the room?

Click anywhere in the room with your mouse and hold the click down. Your first baby steps!

How do I start video chatting with other guests?

Tired of talking to yourself? Move your avatar, let go of your mouse when you get close to another avatar or a pre-existing circle, and a video will open! Easy-peasy.

How do I invite guests to my room?

Copy the room link/URL and send it around. Anyone with the link can join the room with one click! No registration or login required.

How many guests fit into one room?

There are no technical limitations to how many guests may fit into one room, but we generally cap it at 1500. If you have more than 1500 guests it would be ideal to run two rooms in parallel.

How many guests can speak in one conversation group (circle)?

One circle can hold 15 participants. Through our research, 15 members was a fair point where everyone can be included in the conversation. We will eventually allow for this number to be changed.

Can I turn off video and audio?

Don’t feel comfortable sharing your pajamas with the world? Turn off your camera by clicking the camera icon on the center bottom of your screen. You will be seen by other members with a black screen with your avatar picture in the center.

Got to hide the cat yelling for dinner? Mute yourself with the microphone icon found at the bottom center of your screen.

How do I get my own room?

Get your own room instantly, for free, here.

Can I prevent guests from entering my room?

Yes! If you are a host of a room you can enable a guest password.

Can I create topics or areas of conversation?

You can create areas that will appear as individual spaces in your Wonder room. Please create or delete the areas before your event.

How do I know who else is in the room?

You can see all the people in the room via the participant icon on the sidebar. You can see their name, picture, and icebreaker answer. Invite them to a circle or chat directly!

Can I write messages to other guests in the room?

Yes! Wonder has a robust chat system in which you can easily message the entire room, circle, or private messages by clicking the chat bubble.

What kinds of events can I host on Wonder?

Did anyone tell Picasso what to paint? Wonder is a canvas or tool to create any type of event with an emphasis on spontaneity and flexibility. A few common uses are:

You can host a panel, talk or presentation:

  • Invite guests to join the event by sending the room link

  • Let them mingle in the room before the event officially begins

  • Share your talk through speech mode

  • When the talk ends, let participants hang around, chat and mingle before the next talk or before the event ends

You can host coffee chats/networking events:

  • Define conversation areas through the background image

  • Invite guests to join the event by sending the room link

  • Let people form their own little conversational groups

  • Make occasional announcements to the room to moderate the event or inform guests about things‍


  • Create a space with booths, stands and areas through the background image

  • Invite guests to join the event by sending the room link

  • Have sponsors or other hosts stand at their defined spot in the room

  • Let guests move around the room to discover booths and network in between

  • Make occasional announcements to the room to moderate the event or inform guests about things

Does Wonder integrate with other virtual event platforms?

You can use Wonder with any other event platform or virtual communication tool. Just send the link for the Wonder room to your participants either before or during your event (e.g. through the chat function of Zoom) and have people move over. Also, you can integrate buttons on these platforms that link the guests to Wonder. We recommend that you combine this with an in-person announcement to your guests. This way you can make sure everybody enters the room around the same time. This makes for a much better dynamic at the event. To prevent technical difficulties, please do not be on 2 communication platforms at the same time.

Can I change the background?

As a host, you can change the background by clicking on the gear icon (Settings) and choose ‘change room background’. Wonder supports PNG, JPG, and SVG. The ideal format is 2600 x 1400px.

Can I ask my guests questions?

Yes, we call this the icebreaker question feature. Click on the gear icon (Settings) and choose 'Update icebreaker question' to set, update or remove the question. Guests will be asked your question when entering the room and their answer will be shown next to their name in the participant list.

Can I make an announcement as the host?

The host(s) can make an announcement by clicking on the broadcasting feature (speaker at the podium icon) in the sidebar. All other conversations will be stopped and your video stream will be shown to all participants in the room. Up to 6 people can broadcast simultaneously. All of them must be authenticated as a host. This works very well for presentations, panels, and quick announcements to moderate the crowd.

How do I prevent unwanted guests from entering the room (Zoombombing)?

If you want to close your room to the public, set a guest password. As an admin, you can set, remove or change the guest password anytime by clicking on the gear icon (Settings) and choosing "Guest password."

How do I know who is listening to my conversation?

Only guests who are standing in the circle right next to you can participate in your conversation, so you can see who you are speaking to. There is no way for guests to be hidden, so you always see their avatar, hear them and see their screen. You can also always see all guests who are currently in the room.

What data do you store?

Wonder does not have access to any of your audio or video data. We briefly hold the data to transmit it but do not store it, and our employees cannot access it. Wonder also doesn’t have any personified data on its guests (e.g. addresses or bank details) because we don’t ask for them. If you request your own room, we ask for your email to send it to you. We store your profile picture, name, and chat so that your information doesn’t get lost between sessions. Upon sign up, you will also be added to our mailing list. All information on data and security can be found here.

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