General Accessibility:

Audio/Visual Issue/I can't hear/Sound issues

I can't hear or see others!

  • Make sure you move your avatar close to them so that a bubble appears around you. Only if your avatars are close enough, a video chat opens.

  • If you are inside a bubble but you can't see or hear them, enter the room through a different browser (Chrome and Edge work)

I can't access the room!

  • Make sure you have entered/clicked the right URL

  • Make sure you have not rejected video or audio access in your browser. Also, make sure your browser had video and audio access to your computer (system preferences of your operating system on macOS or Windows).

  • Try to open the room in a different browser and/or supported device. (Chrome and Edge are the two browsers we support).

*If your issue still persists, please try your room in incognito mode. If your issue is then resolved, please delete your browser's data.

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