A/V (technical) issues

I can't hear or see others!

  • To open a Circle (video chat), make sure you move your avatar close enough to another person so that a bubble appears around you.

  • If you’re inside a bubble but you can't see or hear the others, try re-entering the room through a different browser (Chrome and Edge).

I can't access the room!

  • Make sure you’ve entered/clicked the right URL.

  • Make sure you haven’t rejected video or audio access in your browser. Also, make sure your browser has video and audio access to your computer (system preferences of your operating system on macOS or Windows).

  • Try opening the room in a different browser and/or supported device. (Chrome and Edge).

If you’re still having an issue, try opening your Room in incognito mode. If that fixes your issue, make sure you delete your browser's data.

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