Wonder Spaces can only be deleted by the space owner, i.e. the person who created the space.

How to delete your Wonder space

Here's how to delete your Wonder space:

  • Go into your Wonder space

  • Enter the Menu (click the button with the three lines in the lower left corner)

  • Click on Security

  • Click on Delete Space (this button is only visible when you're the space owner)

  • Confirm that you want to permanently delete your space (this is irreversible!)

  • You'll see a confirmation message like this:

A few notes:

  • The deletion will take effect immediately and the space will become unusable immediately

  • All users in the space during deletion will be notified.

  • Deleting a space irreversibly removes all data around the space, user management and any space collaboration content.

  • Existing subscriptions for your deleted space will be cancelled automatically

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a message to info@wonder.me.

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